LASER1205 Grooving UV

Multi-Beam Matrix grooving process allows full removal (grooving) of the top layers (Low-K, Metals, passivation, etc). The Multi-Beam Matrix grooving process creates a U-Shape groove profile with consistent industry standard quality (low burr, no chipping, smooth groove profile, Low HAZ).

The technology used enables large variety of grooving widths. Ranging from 10µm up to 150µm or more due to wide selection of multi beam matrix configurations.

Typical values

Adjustable Grooving width10...150µm
Grooving profileU-shape
Burr height<3µm

Features & Benefits

Best of class Process Quality

  • Dedicated to HP Grooving UV wavelength 355µm; pulse length ns range
  • Combined with Multi-Beam concept resulting in nice U-shape grooving profiles
  • Process control in-line vision and process parameter logging

Production Scalability

  • Full automated calibrations accurate trenching and matrix DOE set <1µm; power level <0.1 W; logging;
  • Flexibility up to 8 DOE’s (recipe selectable)

Compliant with Production Chain

  • Wafer handling option to convert accurately between 8 and 12“ frames
  • Cassette load station manual, Automated Material Handling System (AMHS)
  • Factory control SECS/GEM interface

Competitive CoO

  • UPH Gain due to indexing > 20%
  • UPH Gain due to Kerf Check “On-the-Fly” > 25%

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