LASER1205 Grooving UV USP

ASMPT is permanently innovating to improve the value for its customers.
Ultra Short Pulse (USP) processing is next step in grooving technology due to its ‘cold’ nature which translates to close to no burr and a smooth groove profile.
By optimizing the Multi-Beam Matrix concept we enable the utilization of all power available in today’s high power Ultra Short Pulse (USP) laser sources while maintaining the quality improvements. As a result, higher kerf quality at a productivity comparable with our standard Grooving machines.

The technology used enables large variety of grooving widths. Ranging from 10µm up to 150µm or more due to wide selection of multi beam matrix configurations.

Typical values

Grooving profileU-shape
Adjustable Grooving width10...150µm
Pulse Widthps/fs

Features & Benefits

Best of class Process Quality

  • Process for HP Grooving UV USP wavelength 343µm; pulse length 0.5 .. 10 ps
  • Production example burr < 1um
  • Process depth (w/wo metal) < 1um
  • Die strength >800MP
  • Process control In-line vision and process parameter logging

Production Scalability

  • Full automated calibration D-DOE set <1µm
  • Flexibility up to 8 DOE’s recipe selectable
  • Proven platform concept for last 10 years

Compliant with Production Chain

  • Wafer handling capable of handling wafer thickness down to 80 µm grooved wafers

Competitive CoO

  • Production speed UPH same or better than Grooving UV processes