LASER1205 Dicing UVP

ASMPT introduced a new Process of Reference (POR) for Si Mosfets & IGBT’s with high die strength (800-1000Mpa) outperforming blade. The new POR is in high volume manufacturing at leading power semiconductor manufacturers. We also have developed a VI-Process which allows full cut dicing of Low-K (thin) Si wafers including DAF or FOW while achieving high die strength (450-500Mpa) and low burr (<5µm) with a good quality and low CoO.

The VI-Process allows customers to dice through the full stack of materials using a single process step. No extra complicated and costly production steps required such as with DBG or other hybrid dicing technologies. The unique slider concept allows high accuracy and reproducibility.

Typical values

Dicing Width< 12µm
HAZ< 2µm
Accuracy< 1.5µm

Features & Benefits

Best of class Process Quality

  • Dedicated to HP UV Dicing wavelength 355nm; pulse length 0.5 .. 10 ps
  • Combined with Multi beam concept resulting in low HAZ values (<3µm)
  • Process control in-line vision and process parameter logging

Production Scalability

  • Full automated calibrations accurate trenching, line, matrix and V-DOE set <1µm; power level < 0.1 W
  • Flexibility up to 8 DOE’s (recipe selectable)

Compliant with Production Chain

  • Wafer handling option to convert accurately between 8 and 12“ frames
  • Cassette load station manual, Automated Material Handling System (AMHS)
  • Factory control SECS/GEM interface

Competitive CoO

  • High speed Full cut process
  • One production step for multi layered wafers (DAF tape; Backside metals; Topside structures)
  • Low consumption of coating