ASMPT’s laser-based wafer separation machines are leading in Edge quality with lowest Cost of Ownership based on VI dicing and/or Matrix grooving processes. ASMPT has developed a broad portfolio of options for all models to address the specific challenges of our customer’s markets, both for OSAT and tier1 IDM companies. Our latest released model is G-UV-USP which is used for Grooving applications in the Memory market.

The platform

The LASER1205 platform is a family of systems specially developed for the separation and/or grooving of semiconductor wafers by means of laser energy. The family contains fully automated systems designed for sustained high quality production in an industrial environment.

The ergonomic design, the user-friendly touch screen display and the ease-of-use allow the operator to control the system easily for a wide variety of products. As the LASER1205 systems meet the industrial standards in accordance with CE regulations, no special precautions nor training are required to safely operate the systems.

Process Grooving Grooving Dicing & Grooving Dicing
Kerf check on the fly Yes Yes Yes No
Wavelength 343nm 355nm 355nm 1064nm
Pulse length ps/fs ns ns ns
Wafer thickness 60 - 800µm 60 - 800µm 20 - 200µm 50 - 300µm
Wafer size Up to 12" Up to 12" Up to 12" Up to 12"
More More More More

Typical values

Accuracy+/- 1.5µm
Selectable DOE's3...8

Features & Benefits

Full recipe-controlled processes

  • High laser spot flexibility (>30 types of spot patterns/DOE offered)
  • Fast changing to selected DOE’s incl. orientation check
  • Accurately laser power changes incl. power and spot position check
  • Highly accurate (wafer)slider position during process (+/-1.5µm)
  • Capability to process broken wafer and partials

Process control and logging

  • Laser power at wafer level
  • Flexibility up to 8 DOE’s recipe selectable
  • Facility checks
  • On-the-fly kerf check for accurate wafer position during processing
  • Selectable operator warning levels
  • In-line machine vision (robust correlation between laser spot and wafer alignment)

High Productivity

  • 2 parallel cassette load ports (no machine idle time)
  • 2nd parallel coat and clean station as an option to enhance throughput capability up to 20wph
  • Fast wafer acceleration (indexing time <0.15ms)
  • Pre Alignment Station (alignment < 30s)
  • Secs/Gem compatible

Low Cost of Ownership

  • High productivity
  • Low-cost coating
  • Field upgrades available to upgrade installed base to latest functionalities
  • Remote control capability for process/service support