UV-UltraShort Pulse Laser Grooving

As Silion (Si) wafer material is getting thinner and the thickness of active layers and Back Side Metallization (BSM) is increasing, manufacturers in Hybrid Bonding and the Memory industry are looking for new ways to process their wafer material. With the presence of metal test structures and test element groups (TEG) in the wafer streets, it is required to remove the top-layer of the wafer to enable Next Generation applications.

ASMPT ALSI's UV- UltraShort Pulse Grooving technology excels in quality for top-layer removal.

ASMPT ALSI's Multi-beam Technology

The multi-beam technology of ASMPT ALSI uses a Matrix-DOE to provide a fully optimized process and superior customer value for:

  • Achieving low Heat Affected Zone (HAZ)
  • Achieving low or Zero burr
  • Creating a smooth bottom and steep sidewalls

Principle of Laser Grooving

The first step within the Laser Grooving process flow is a trenching pass. With two low power laser beams, we prepare the wafer material to prevent damage during the grooving pass. As a second step, the high power grooving pass will remove all the metal and Low-K materials, using multiple beams, configured by a Matrix-DOE (Diffractive Optical Element).

To discover all about the UV-USP technology, view the video.