Who we are

With a relatively small team, we can change our industry with our impressive technology. At our Beuningen Office, our Scientists, Engineers, and Business Professionals work closely to expand our business every day. Unlike in some larger companies, every individual effort makes the difference. We’re learning every day, and growing fast, as a company, as a team, and as individuals.

From the Netherlands, in Beuningen (near Nijmegen), two ASM Pacific Technology Business Units are operating. One is the so-called Laser Dicing Business, developing the LASER 1205 with multi-beam wafer separation solutions. This business unit emerged from the former Philips Spin-off of ALSI, acquired by ASM Pacific Technology in February 2014. A second business unit, the ASM Pacific Technology Center of Competency Netherlands was founded in 2017. This elite group is responsible for identifying new high-tech innovation opportunities for the full global ASM Pacific Technology product portfolio.

ALSI is a wholly-owned subsidiary of ASM Pacific Technology Ltd. The group is committed to supporting the semi-conductor manufacturing industry by developing and producing leading-edge assembly equipment utilizing the latest technologies. ASM is unique in the world today, being able to supply comprehensive state-of-the-art equipment and provide total manufacturing solutions to customers on a global basis. In the Netherlands, it operates from a 4-story office building in Beuningen, near Nijmegen. It incorporates the Research & Development, Sales & Marketing, Process Engineering, and Operations functions within the same building. ALSI is designing and testing equipment for laser dicing and grooving applications. Equipment manufacturing is not part of the internal activities of ALSI, but is sourced to local partners and sister organizations within ASM.

What is in our DNA

What connects us all is the drive to expand our business. We are a fast-growing company.

What we stand for

Together – We have the POWER and agility to drive changes

We deliver the highest value and most innovative solutions to our customers through products and solutions with advanced technologies and excellent quality. We aspire to make ASM Pacific technology a great workplace, a great business partner and a great company built to last.

We have the POWER to Enable the Digital World

PASSION – to be the #1 “Go to Partner”
OWNERSHIP – of actions and behaviors
WIN – with our customers
EXCELLENCE – in all that we do
RESPECT – for one and all

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