ASMPT Talent Hub

The ASMPT ALSI Talent Hub, is gateway to give your career in the semiconductor industry a kick-start. We give you the unique opportunity to collaborate with both internal and external clients and stakeholders, working at complex, advanced technology projects.

To ensure your professional growth and development, we provide you top-notch guidance and mentorship. Find yourself at the forefront of innovation, making meaningful impact in the world of Electronic Devices.

Education Meets Innovation

We are open to welcome students with various educational backgrounds, offering diverse opportunities to explore and thrive in the fields of advanced technology for the Semiconductor industry. Whether you are pursuing your Master's, Bachelor's, or Doctorate degree, you'll find a wealth of opportunities waiting for you.

Specialisms within ASMPT ALSI

Our multi-disiplinair organisation offers internships and opportunities in:

  1. Mechatronics: Dive into the world of intelligent mechanical systems and automation.
  2. Artificial Intelligence: The power of AI to transform semiconductor manufacturing.
  3. Laser Physics: Explore the physics behind laser technology and its applications.
  4. Electronics: Be part of the core of semiconductor innovation.
  5. Software Development: Shape the future of software solutions for our industry.
  6. Chemistry: Contribute to the chemistry of precision manufacturing.
  7. Industrial Engineering: Optimize processes and systems for efficiency.
  8. Human Resources: Drive talent development and organizational excellence.
  9. Information Technology (IT): Innovate with technology to support our operations.
  10. Marketing & Communications: Amplify our story and connect with the world.

Join our team and give your career a boost!

Looking for an inspiring and innovative environment for your internship or Doctoral research? At ASMPT ALSI you surround yourself with passionate engineers and you can help to create a brighter future for the semiconductor industry. Explore our opportunities at the careerspage and we hope to see you soon.

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