ASMPT ALSI (Formerly known as “ASM Laser Separation International (ALSI) B.V.) was founded in the year 2001 as a spin off from Philips Semiconductors and started with a transfer of knowledge and patents from Royal Philips NV, through which ASMPT ALSI has obtained the unique intellectual property rights of Multi Beam Laser Processing Technology.

The Philips laser dicing technology was proven by the billions of separated units, and ASMPT ALSI continued the development of this proprietary technology and introduced it to the whole semiconductor industry. This has made us market leader in processing wafers of High Brightness LED’s and GaAs RFIC’s for mobile communication for the LED and RFIC industry.

ASMPT ALSI is a wholly owned subsidiary of ASMPT, which is headquartered in Singapore and is listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange since 1989. ASMPT is the world’s largest assembly and packaging equipment supplier. ASMPT ALSI serves as the Group’s Advanced Laser Technology Centre to develop new processes and supply systems for laser dicing and grooving applications in the semiconductor industry.

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