We are ASMPT

As a global high-tech company, all segments, regions and business units operate as 'ASMPT'. Our modern logo, paired with our vision "Enabling the digital world", highlight our strong global cohesion and transformation. The 'We are ASMPT' video expresses these themes, and thus what moves us as we help shape a bright and sustainable future for customers, partners, investors, employees and society.


Who we are

ASMPT ALSI is the inventor of Multi-Beam laser dicing and grooving. The Multi-Beam laser dicing and grooving process is the technology with very low thermal impact while having a very high productivity.


Our products

ASMPT ALSI’s solutions enable you to reduce your manufacturing costs significantly and to execute your semiconductor technology roadmap.


Service & Support

ASMPT is a global company with presence in 30 countries. We have a fixed network of offices throughout Asia Pacific, Europe and the USA to deliver global reach with a local touch. We believe our customers’ success is our success! ASMPT recognizes continued support as one of the important pillars for a long term partnership with our customers.

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